Lavaman Training - Week 14

I posted on Saturday about my AMAZING long run! So, other than the fact that I missed a swim, I feel like this week was the best week I've had yet! I'm proud of myself for finding the balance between getting all my workouts done and listening to my body (the reason why I didn't swim a second time). It's often a fine balance between figuring out if you are just being lazy and deciding that you truly are too tired to push yourself through whatever workout and take a break.

lavaman training week 14

All my bike rides were inside this week due to sloppy, disgusting conditions outside. I've been more worried about the bike than the swim for the last couple of weeks, but was encouraged by the fact that as I rode my bike on the trainer I increased my average speed by a little bit each time (riding a snow bike outside does not translate to riding a road bike in any I have no idea how long the bike is going to take me).

My swim on Tuesday was quite challenging but also better than I expected (are you sensing a theme here?). I swam 1500 meters in 47 minutes, which is a record for me and gives me great hope that I can do the actual swim in under an hour.

My bike on Saturday was boring and hard, but my run was amazing! I seriously still can't believe that I ran that fast for that long. I was pretty tired on Sunday (and so was Kiva...she never gets tired!) so I'm glad it was a rest day, but my legs were not quite as sore as I expected.

Due to the excessively dirty conditions outside, my run cooldown was giving Kiva a bath....she was not impressed with that situation. 

One more week of hard work and then I get another recovery week, hooray!

Have a great week! 

Martha Rosenstein