Lavaman Training - Week 13

Oh man this was a tough week! Especially after my blissful recovery week last week.

(Do not let those sad dog eyes fool you, this was post intervals on Thursday...I'm pretty sure she was tired not begging for more)

Even though I missed two workouts and should have gone swimming on Sunday instead of resting (since I missed my Tuesday swim), I feel pretty good about what happened this week. 

My run on Tuesday was 3 x 10:00 at tempo, it was hard, but good. On Wednesday I was so tired (not sleeping great and not eating great) that I almost didn't go for a bike ride, but I told myself that a short ride was better than no ride, so I went for 30 minutes.

On Thursday, my swim was pretty good. I finally got my swim buddy back (she's been super busy at work) and my confidence was boosted by the fact that she wasn't 3 laps ahead of me like she usually is! My run on Thursday night almost didn't happen. I was, again, exhausted and having a hard time talking myself into doing it. However, I did...and it was every bit as hard as I imagined it to be (I even texted my coach to ask if she was actually trying to kill me).

Friday was an unplanned rest day. I just couldn't do it. My legs were so tired from my double workout day on Thursday and I was dreading having another, more intense, double workout on Saturday, so I just didn't go. I was ready for bed by 6pm, but then I managed to get a second wind and stayed up until 10pm, which was not helpful when I woke up at 5:30 on Saturday morning due to my highly accurate internal alarm clock that doesn't understand the concept of a weekend. 

My brick workout on Saturday went better than expected. The plan was for 1:30 bike and 1:00 run. I did my bike on the trainer, which I absolutely hate. It's boring and way harder than riding a bike outside (because you have to pedal the whole freaking time). I ended up only going 1:20 on the bike because I was running out of time. I kept having to stop and make small adjustments to the seat of my bike, which ate up some of my ride time. My run, however, was so much better than I could have ever hoped. I started out slow and managed a perfect progression (each mile getting faster), even though I was just running easy. I even did the last mile under an 11:00/mi pace, which I found quite impressive since I was well over the 2:00 mark for my workout and I was getting tired! 

All in all a good week! 

Martha Rosenstein, FNP