kiva's raw diet update

Kiva has been enjoying her raw diet for about two months now.  She never suffered any "detox" symptoms that everyone warned about during the switch. 

We currently feed her twice a day.  Each feeding she gets about a half cup of The Honest Kitchen's Base Mix (fruits and veggies), plus just under a cup of raw meat.  

Photo Aug 12, 12 32 59

We buy Columbia River Naturals from a local vendor in a variety of flavors.

The biggest thing I have noticed is that her coat is softer.  I also think that she is a little bit leaner overall, although it's hard to tell through all her fur!  

Photo Aug 19, 20 09 36

I think she is calmer and better behaved, but JRW disagrees.  Maybe she is calmer and better behaved for me and not him because she knows he's a sucker ;)  

She certainly never snubs a meal anymore!  Let me know if you have questions...I'd be happy to answer them!