Kiva goes primal

In my recent attempts to alienate all my friends and family with my increasingly extreme views on food and personal care, I decided that I was going to look into putting my dog on a raw diet (you know, just to keep things interesting).  I mean, she is apathetic at best about her kibble (she often dumps her food out of her bowl and pushes it around on the floor before eating it…maybe she likes it dirt flavored), she has some sort of sensitivity to something that I can't figure out, and she is so thirsty all the time.  I guess that's one of the downsides of essentially feeding your dog cereal for every meal. 

Photo Jun 05, 7 15 46 PM
I mean, her antler is her favorite chew toy and she regularly tries to eat things (meat) off the counter…so it seems that she is more than ready to go primal.  Maybe her constant counter surfing is just another desperate attempt to tell me that her endless meals of dehydrated junk isn't cutting it. 

kiva chewing on antler
After a lot of research, I decided that it was most likely the best (although not most cost effective) option.  The biggest concern is making sure that the diet is balanced in essential nutrients, which means feeding a variety of things (meaty bones, muscle meats, organ meats, and eggs for omega-3s).  My conclusion was that in the beginning, it will be easier to feed a premixed version of a raw diet and see how it goes, with the potential to transition to making my own mix.  

Since Kiva was on her last scoop of dog food at breakfast yesterday, I had to take action quickly.  Armed with coupons from my local (and locally owned!) pet food store, I set out to find her something to eat.  I grabbed a small bag of the grain-free dog food/cereal we have been feeding her (just in case) and a box of The Honest Kitchen's Grain-Free Turkey mix (dehydrated raw).  

There are mixed reviews about how to transition your dog to a raw diet.  Everything from go "cold turkey" (yay another pun!) to gradual transition.  There is also conflicting information about how to gradually transition.  Some say old food in the morning in decreasing quantities and new food in the evening in increasing quantities.  Others say mix a little of each.  I decided to mix about half a serving of kibble with half a serving of raw and see how it went.  I did this because many people mentioned that their dog didn't know that their new food was food since, so I figured a mixture would give the right idea.

I figured Kiva would gobble it right up since she pulled the box of food off the top of her kennel and tried to eat it when I brought it home, but apparently the prepared meal was slightly less exciting than the cardboard box (nutritional deficiency anyone?).  She was skeptical at best, and she tried her usual shenanigans of dumping her bowl over (which I instructed her was not a good choice given the consistency of her meal).  I let her lick a little bit off my fingers, because clearly anything that is on my fingers is tasty and she should want to eat it, after that she went about slowly eating her meal.  She was either savoring it it, or not entirely sure if I was trying to trick her.  

When she was done, the only thing that was left was a tiny piece of carrot.  Apparently she doesn't like carrots.  It looked like she carefully licked her bowl clean…around the carrot.  

kiva raw diet carrot
Hopefully primal Kiva is a happier, healthier, less itchy Kiva!