keep calm and run a marathon

On Saturday morning I will run my first marathon.  I feel like it is both a big deal and not really a big deal all at the same time.  As always, I don't feel like I trained enough and have been tempted to cram some more in, but then I remember that it's probably better to be slightly under-trained than exhausted come race day.  It's also very hard for me not set a time goal.  I don't think I've ever done that before.  I'm super competitive (mostly with myself), so my goal of just finishing doesn't seem adequate.  I know that it is a perfectly appropriate goal and I thank everyone who has reminded me of that over the last few weeks.  

marathon fuel

The weather has also been an issue lately, forcing me to come up with a backup plan (i.e. if it's 80 degrees on race day I have to be ok with walking).  However, it appears as though the weather is cooperating slightly and temperatures are forecasted to be in the high 60s.  Not ideal, but definitely doable for me.  

wooded trail

Apparently the part I am most looking forward to (other than the finish, of course) is the part that apparently people from out of town are dreading the most.  In the guide there is a story about a guy who has been running Mayor's for 32 years (and continued even after losing part of his right leg) and he mentioned the "out of towners in dread of hitting the dirt tank trails, running next to locals who can't wait to get off the pavement."  Yep…I love dirt and am looking forward to almost 9 miles through the woods and on a trail after 9 miles of running on the road, and another 8 miles on the bike path after.  

2013 mayor's marathon bib

Fortunately tomorrow I have a class to attend for work, so I won't be able to sit around and worry all day.  Hopefully the instructor doesn't mind that I'll be getting up every five minutes to refill my water and go to the bathroom!  

Nike running quote