july book report

July was kind of sparse as far as reading books goes.  I did a lot of textbook reading...but not much of anything that anyone else would be interested in.  

Pilgrim's Wilderness: A True Story of Faith and Madness on the Alaska Frontier by Tom Kizzia // When this book first came out there were some excerpts published in the newspaper.  I read them, was fascinated, and then swore I would probably never read the book because I didn't want to contribute the the hype.  However, when I saw the book at Costco for $7, I decided it was time to read it.  I read it in three days.  While the story is not a particularly happy one, I have a fascination with eccentric people.  This book was written well and read more like a suspense novel than a true story.  I learned a little bit about the history of Alaska and its appeal to eccentric outsiders.  

clean house clean planet

Clean House, Clean Planet by Karen Logan // In June I posted about cleaning up your cleaning and mentioned that I had ordered this book.  When it came it turned out to be a super fast read.  There is a ton of information about why the chemicals in commonly used cleaning products are bad (or ok), which I skimmed more than read as I was already familiar with a lot of the information.  What I really wanted to get to was the recipes for alternative products.  She lists some essential ingredients to keep on hand (baking soda, vinegar, lemon) and has tons of recipes for an alternative to almost any cleaning product you can think of.  This book is especially good if you have little kids of pets as I think you can eat almost all of these recipes with no ill effects (other than they might not taste very good)!

Martha Rosenstein, FNP