Fall Running Essentials: Soggy Doggy Towel


September in Alaska can be glorious and sunny or dreary and rainy. It got off to a pretty dreary and rainy start. Days on end of rain would be enough to make some people exercise inside, but when you're racing against the clock to get as much outside workout time in before it snows, you go outside and exercise no matter what (unless it's a swim day...that always happens inside). Fortunately it's been sunny for the past few days, but it's hard to know how long that's going to last (and there's snow in the forecast for next week!). The problem with running in the rain is that my running partner tends to soak up a lot of water and collect a fair amount of dirt...and she's not very easy to strip down and throw in the shower like I am.

wet dog

We have a stack of towels by the door specifically for the purpose of drying her off after a rainy walk or run (her underside is a particularly bad offender), but it takes a lot of work to get her even sort of dry and she has a very low tolerance for this sort of activity.

Enter the Soggy Doggy towel! This towel is super absorbent and even does a decent job of getting the dirt off of Kiva's fur. It takes half as much time as it used to to get her kind of dry (it's just not possible to get her completely dry), which is better for everyone! She still is not a huge fan of being dried off, but I'm sure she appreciates the more expeditious service (although you definitely can't tell from her expression).


They also make doormats which I would get if they weren't too thick for our entryway (there's very little clearance between the door and the floor). I'm always looking for ways to decrease the amount of dirt and water that the dog brings into the house, and this towel does a pretty good job!

Martha Rosenstein