fall adventures: the rest of cape cod and then vermont

On Saturday we went to the Province Lands Visitors Center.  There was a small display about dune ecology and a few videos that you could watch.  There is also an observation deck where you can see the dunes, the nearby beach, and a 360 degree view of the area.  

You can see the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown as well.  We learned that Provincetown was actually the first place the Pilgrims set foot in the New World (not Plymouth).  They signed the Mayflower Compact there (which is what the monument commemorates).  


After the visitors center, we drove down to the beach...

2013-10-19-IMG_5199 (1)

And then went to find some lunch.  

On Sunday we packed up and headed back to John's dad's house in Vermont.  We decided to play tourist and stop in Plymouth on the way (despite learning that it was not the place where the pilgrims originally landed).  We saw Plymouth rock.

2013-10-20-IMG_5202 (1)

A sign with false information.

And a mock-up of the Mayflower.

On Monday, we went on a hike in Molly Stark State Park.  We climbed Mt. Olga...all 2,000+ feet of it (except I'm pretty sure we started at 1,000+ feet, so it wasn't really that big of a climb).

On Tuesday I stayed in my pajamas all day while John and his brother helped their dad do some work around the house (it involved playing with the tractor, so it was only kind of work).  Then on Wednesday we got up super early (3am East Coast time), drove for 2.5 hours, and then sat on a plane for 9+ hours.  

Despite the 4,000+ miles of travel in each direction, it was a lovely trip.  It's nice to go somewhere that has real fall, and we even got some sunshine and warm weather.

Next up: Hawaii in three weeks!!