fall adventures: morro bay

At the butt crack of dawn on Friday 9/13 (yep...we flew on Friday the 13th and lived to tell about it!), my dad and I headed to the airport for our 5am flight.  We flew to Seattle, then to Santa Barbara, CA and then drove the two hours North to Morro Bay.

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 3.14.20 PM
Once we got there, we did some shopping, and when we got to the house, I went running.  It's all fun and games until you have to run back up the giant hill to get home...

Photo Sep 13, 19 16 12
After a shower, we went and found some dinner - shwarmas from a tiny Middle Eastern place in San Luis Obispo.

On Saturday, we were picking up my friend from college, Margaret from the airport around noon.  She was flying down from Portland for the weekend to hang out, since we had not seen each other for quite a while.  Unfortunately, her flight out of San Francisco was delayed, so she didn't make it in until after 1pm.  

I went for a foggy morning run before we had to pick Margaret up.  

Photo Sep 14, 9 50 59

That afternoon, we attended the Avocado and Margarita festival in downtown Morro Bay.  The unfortunate part of that was that we had just eaten giant sandwiches for lunch and were not hungry.  My dad and I did manage to choke down some deep fried artichoke hearts though.  After that we sat on the porch at the house and enjoyed some late afternoon sunshine.

Photo Sep 14, 17 53 02
Sunday I went for another run. It was hot, but I mostly ran along the beach so at least there was a breeze!

Photo Sep 15, 11 52 12
We went to Cayucos for lunch (smoked fish tacos!) and took a walk along the beach there.  

Photo Sep 15, 15 04 57
On Monday, Margaret and I went to Montana De Oro state park and checked out the beach.  It was pretty foggy, but still lovely.

Photo Sep 16, 12 24 15
In-N-Out Burger for lunch!

Photo Sep 16, 13 14 51
Monday after lunch we headed into San Luis for a couple of errands and some afternoon coffee in the sunshine.

Photo Sep 16, 14 09 39
On Tuesday, I headed out for another foggy morning run.

Photo Sep 17, 9 15 21
And then Margaret and I went to play tourist at the Hearst Castle.  The photos from that are all still on my camera...I'll try to get around to dealing with those soon.

After playing tourist we had to take Margaret to the airport to head home.  I'm so glad she came down to play! 

After she left, my dad and I did not do a whole lot for the rest of the week.

There was lots of reading in the sun on the porch.

Photo Sep 19, 15 07 29
And some walking on the beach.

Photo Sep 19, 18 01 56
On Friday, we took a hike in Morro Bay State Park (which is about a 5 minute drive from his house).  It was pretty short, but had some great views, and was nice to get out and do something other than running.

Photo Sep 20, 16 15 30
Photo Sep 20, 16 16 22
Photo Sep 20, 16 17 10
Photo Sep 20, 16 19 38
Then I ate lobster mac and cheese for dinner!

Photo Sep 20, 20 28 20
Saturday was our last full day in Morro Bay.  I went for a very wet long run on Saturday morning.

Photo Sep 21, 12 43 40
And then dried out on the porch...

Photo Sep 21, 14 19 16
Sunday we packed up and hit the road!

Even though we did not do much (my dad and I did both read two books though), I had a really great week hanging out with Margaret and my dad.  It was nice to get away and not have to worry about anything other than what to eat!  

Just over three weeks until my next adventure!