fall adventures - maui, part 2

On Friday we hiked out on the lava field to a lovely beach with awesome tide pools.  We parked at La Perouse Bay (which is apparently good for snorkeling) and hiked on the trail that was supposedly built in th 1500s and used to go around the whole island.  It was not an easy hike ("annoyingly rocky" according to the guidebook), but worth it.

We saw tons of wildlife: goats, whales, spinner dolphins, and a whole bunch of sea creatures in the tide pools.  

2013-11-21-IMG_5379 2013-11-21-IMG_5387 2013-11-21-IMG_5392 2013-11-21-IMG_5392 2013-11-21-IMG_5396 2013-11-21-IMG_5399 2013-11-21-IMG_5417 2013-11-21-IMG_5437 2013-11-21-IMG_5441 2013-11-21-IMG_5446 2013-11-21-IMG_5449 2013-11-21-IMG_5462 2013-11-21-IMG_5464 2013-11-21-IMG_5473 2013-11-21-IMG_5478 Photo Nov 21, 16 59 42

After our hike we headed to a sandy beach to cool and rinse our feet and watch the sun set.

Photo Nov 21, 17 41 38 Photo Nov 21, 17 41 53

Martha Rosenstein, FNPtravel