fall adventures: cape cod - day 2

Photo Oct 17, 12 43 09
Today we visited the Salt Pond Visitors Center, part of the Cape Cod National Seashore.  The good news...is that today it was open!  

After a trip through the bookstore (which was having a 25% off "welcome back" sale!) and the museum, it was time for lunch.  This was easier said than done considering this is a very seasonal area, and the season ended Oct. 14.  

We finally found a place that was open and had lobster rolls (the desired object of lunch).  

Photo Oct 17, 14 00 04
What's not to love about giant hunks of lobster and butter in a sandwich (we all opted for the hot option)?

After lunch we set out to the White Cedar Swam trail at Marconi Beach.  

We walked the mile to the swamp and back to the car, and were slightly underwhelmed by the lack of swampiness in the swamp, but it was a perfect day for a walk, and it was pretty, so that made up for the lack of wow factor. 

John's dad walked the whole thing with us, which was a long way for him.  He was tired by the end, but made it up the half mile hill at the end!


After our walk, we refueled with homemade spaghetti for dinner.  Now there's another rousing game of cribbage going on.  I'm avoiding playing since the three other cribbage players present here have a combined 100+ years of experience on me.  Not exactly what I would call fair.  

Cape Cod Sunset1
Good night!