fall adventures: cape cod - day 1

Yesterday we arrived in Boston after a long day of traveling.  I got up to go to work at 4:30am Alaska time on Monday and arrived in Boston at 4pm Tuesday (noon Alaska time).  That's a lot of hours to go without really sleeping (but not my record).  

We ate dinner at the airport to avoid rush hour traffic, then picked up our rental car and headed out to the Cape.  We arrived at the house in Wellfleet around 8:30pm.  We visited with John's dad and his wife for a bit and then headed to bed.

This morning I woke up to this view.

Photo Oct 16, 9 56 38
We had some breakfast and then headed down to the beach for a walk.  

While this might at first look like just a photo of John, his brother, and his dad walking on the beach...it's really quite a bit more than that.  John and I were here almost exactly a year ago and his dad could barely sit up on his own.  He was walking, but relied heavily on a walker and required a spotter.  Today he's pretty much walking on his own.  It's wonderful to see.


After our walk we headed to lunch, and then up to Provincetown to explore.  

Photo Oct 16, 15 41 51
We found a coffee shop called Wired Puppy. In my opinion it wins the prize for the best name/logo and best coffee blend names (Bitches Brew and Hair of the Dog were my two favorites).  

Photo Oct 16, 15 12 15
After exploring Provincetown, we headed back to Wellfleet for some relaxation and dinner.  At the moment John, his dad, and his brother are having a cribbage tournament.  John is trying to stay awake to call into a meeting that's happening at 6:30pm Alaska time (10:30pm here).  We will see how well that goes...