PCOS, Fertility, & Hormones with Melissa of Avocado Grove Nutrition, The Paleo NP Podcast Episode 27

The Paleo NP Podcast Episode 27 PCOS Fertility and Hormones


  • Intro and updates

  • Melissa from Avocado Grove Nutrition

  • What is PCOS?

  • What other issues could be impacting fertility?

  • Fertility and optimal health

  • Giving your body what it needs for hormones and fertility (even if you don't want a baby)

  • Melissa's red meat confession

  • Top 3 things women can do to balance their hormones

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Resources & Links Mentioned in the Show:

TENS unit

A Diet for a Small Planet

The Period Repair Manual

Taking Charge of Your Fertility

Melissa's post about keto and PCOS

Find Melissa on her website or on Instagram