Do Essential Oils Really Work?

Whenever we consider putting something onto or into our bodies, it's a good rule to be somewhat skeptical about the efficacy of that thing as well as be aware of the ingredients (we could all do a little more of this when it comes to food, that's for sure). 

Before the invention of drug companies and the FDA, people used medicine that came directly from plants to cure ailments and support better health. In fact, we still use distant cousins of these medicines today - Aspirin for example is derived from the leaf of the willow tree. It is unfortunate that some people have bought into and oversold "miracle cures" which makes us all a little more skeptical of anything that isn't considered mainstream (and rightly so). 

As I've become more aware and concerned about the chemicals I put on and in my body and have worked to reduce or eliminate toxins in as much of my life as possible, I have done a ton of research and consulting with my peers to make sure that I'm confident in the quality of essential oils that I use. 

When it comes to the effectiveness of essential oils I have a few disclaimers:

  • I do not think that they cure anything. I believe that they are powerful in their ability to manage/tame symptoms of many conditions as well as improve/adjust your mood as needed and without putting harmful chemicals into your body. 
  • I also do not believe that they are a substitute for a nutrient-dense diet. While I think that they can aid the body in recovery, help reduce inflammation, and generally promote health, I do not think that they make up for eating junk.

Essential oils have a seemingly endless list of uses and I use them in some capacity every single day. I have seen them have a life-changing effect on people almost immediately, most specifically in the areas of sleep and managing everyday aches and pains. I have found them incredibly helpful in improving my mood and decreasing anxiety. I think their true power lies in their ability to empower people in caring for themselves and their families. 

While I definitely think they really work, I encourage you to do your own research and even try them for yourself (you can click the box in the sidebar to request a free sample from me) before deciding how they might fit into your life. In a time when we put so many chemicals in and on our bodies without even realizing it, I think it's important to consider less harmful alternatives where it's appropriate. 

When doing your own research, here are a few resources I recommend as they helped me:

After doing my own research and having a few positive experiences with essential oils, I started using them regularly several months ago. I am constantly educating myself on how to use them properly as well as what they can be used for. I also find myself sharing this information with friends and family as they share things that are going on in their families (illnesses, mood issues, irritated skin, etc.). 

My top 10 uses for essential oils 

  1. Diffuse lavender oil to help improve sleep. If you don't have a diffuser rubbing a few drops on the bottoms of your feet or sprinkling it on your pillow is also effective.
  2. A drop of peppermint oil in the bottom of the shower before turning it on. Peppermint oil is invigorating and can help improve focus. I like to start my day off with a little extra boost by putting it in the shower...especially on Mondays. 
  3. Melaleuca (tea tree) oil in your facial toner. I make my own toner with apple cider vinegar and a few drops of melaleuca and lavender oil (sometimes I switch out the lavender for something else that fits whatever needs my skin needs at that time). 
  4. Produce wash. Add a few drops of lemon oil to a sink full of water and let your fruits and veggies soak for a few minutes (beware, you might be a little grossed out by what comes off).
  5. Rub a few drops of a soothing blend to sore and tired muscles after a workout. This has been a lifesaver for me and has helped to reduce the amount of ibuprofen that I take on a regular basis.
  6. Grounding blend rubbed on the bottoms of your feet before heading off to work. I find that this blend helps keep me focused and able to help my patients the best I can for the day. 
  7. Melaleuca oil on any irritated spots on your face and applied to your bikini area after shaving. Melaleuca oil can help reduce redness and irritation related to acne or razor burn. 
  8. Tension blend applied to your neck and shoulders when you come home from work or after a workout. This can help to prevent an evening headache and reduce the tension in your shoulders so you can unwind for the evening. 
  9. Wild orange oil diffused while during the day to help your mood. Orange oil helps to lift your mood and balance hormones. I find that it helps me focus on my work and feel calm and focused during the day. Sometimes I use it instead of or in combination with the grounding blend on my feet before heading to work. 
  10. Add a few drops of essential oils to your deodorant. The deodorant that I use already has a few different oils in it (cedarwood and melaleuca), but sometimes I like to add a few more drops to the top before applying it depending on what I need. Frankincense and lavender oils are two great options. 

To find out more about essential oils, you can visit this page and request a sample so you can see for yourself how powerful they really are and to learn more about the brand of oils I use and trust. 

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If you already use essential oils, share your favorite way to use them!

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