dinner: a love story

Dinner a love story cover

On Sunday, I read Dinner: A Love Story* by Jenny Rosenstrach.  Yep, I read it in one day.  Well actually just a few hours.

This book is part memoir, part cookbook, part practical advice.  Most of it did not really pertain directly to me (i.e. feeding children), but it was still full of good advice and tasty sounding recipes.  

The author takes us through the various phases of her life (early, newly married, and new parents) and how she incorporates several sit-down family dinners into the chaos of her life each week.  

One of my favorite parts is how she employs marketing techniques in order to get her sometimes picky kids to eat new foods (she calls cauliflower, white broccoli).

I also like the simplistic approach she takes.  Most of her recipes are pretty straightforward and easy and don't use a huge list of strange ingredients. Dinner does not have to be complicated and a little planning and preparation can go a long way!

I purchased the kindle version since it was $2.99 (on sale all month, I believe), but I think I'll be ordering this as a hard copy as well.  I highly recommend this book for anyone who has kids or struggles with dinner.  

Jenny also writes a blog of the same name, which has a lot of similar information and tons of recipes (some from the book, some not).  I'm currently working my way through the archives and taking recipe notes!


Martha Rosenstein, FNP