dc nike women's half

Last Sunday I ran the Nike Women's Half Marathon in DC.  After several weeks of not feeling well and my training being less than ideal, I had resolved myself to the fact that this was going to be a slow run.  I decided I would take it easy and run/walk if I had to. I did...and it was terrible.

Photo Apr 25, 17 43 50

The race itself was amazing!  It was very well organized and the course was awesome.  The expo was small and not crowded when we went on Friday.  I think the pouring rain helped.  

Photo Apr 25, 17 44 59

Race day started at 5:30am.  LOVE the 7am start time and loved the fact that our hotel was four blocks from the start.  It made the morning so much easier.  

We got to the start, checked our bags, and headed to the corrals.  Soon it was time to start and off we went.  I ran 11:30ish miles for the first few miles, and everyone was passing me.  That's my one complaint about the way the corrals are organized for this race, the masses never really spread out until mile 9 or so.  I got great satisfaction from the fact that even though the second half of my race was significantly slower than the first half, I passed so many people who blew past me in the beginning (lots of easily identifiable shirts!).  Don't go out too fast people!!

I ran pretty consistently for the first five or six miles, and then I started to feel lousy and started running for four minutes and walking for one.  I did that for most of the rest of the race, adjusting when there was a water station coming up and I wanted to walk through the water station instead of before it.  

This races was a really good lesson in patience and listening to my body.  Even though I had planned to run slowly, it was still very hard to feel like I was working so hard and going so slowly.  Usually when I work that hard I go faster!  

Congrats to Amanda who had a massive PR!!!!

Photo May 03, 19 24 20

I also love that you get a Tiffany's necklace for finishing instead of a medal.  It's way better than a medal because you can wear it all the time!

Photo Apr 27, 7 50 24

I would love to do this race again next year because I really enjoyed the course! I want to be in a better place so I can actually enjoy the race!