dc adventures

I've been in DC since Wednesday evening.  Amanda and Heather arrived Friday morning, and Annette arrived on Friday afternoon.  We spent Friday and Saturday playing tourist.

Friday we stopped by the White House.


Went to the American History Museum.

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Went to the Natural History Museum, tried to go the Archives (line was too long), and visited the house where Lincoln died (across form Ford's Theater).

2014-04-25-IMG_6169 2014-04-25-IMG_6172 2014-04-25-IMG_6176
Then we went and picked up our bibs for the race (it was pouring rain at that point) and headed to dinner in Georgetown near the Expo.  After dinner I headed back to Kerra's house and went to bed.  

Saturday morning I gathered my things and walked to meet the other girls at the hotel.  The plan was for me to spend the night at the hotel with them on Saturday night since it was about three blocks from the start of the race.  We didn't really want to be on our feet walking all day the day before our race, so we planned to take the hop on/hop off trolley around and see what we could see.  We got off at the Capitol and did a quick walk through, ate lunch, got back on and rode to the Lincoln Memorial, and then headed back to where we could switch lines and go towards the National Cathedral.  There was a stop that was relatively close to where we were eating dinner that night so we got off there and got a taxi to dinner.

2014-04-26-IMG_6184 2014-04-26-IMG_6187 2014-04-26-IMG_6193 2014-04-26-IMG_6194 2014-04-26-IMG_6198 2014-04-26-IMG_6199 2014-04-26-IMG_6202 2014-04-26-IMG_6205 2014-04-26-IMG_6212 2014-04-26-IMG_6214 2014-04-26-IMG_6216 2014-04-26-IMG_6237 2014-04-26-IMG_6242 2014-04-26-IMG_6250 2014-04-26-IMG_6278 2014-04-26-IMG_6279 2014-04-26-IMG_6290 2014-04-26-IMG_6303 2014-04-26-IMG_6305 2014-04-26-IMG_6313 2014-04-26-IMG_6321 2014-04-26-IMG_6322 2014-04-26-IMG_6328 2014-04-26-IMG_6335

Our trolley tour also took us down Embassy row.  Which had a lot of very interesting buildings and statues (pardon the blurry photos, they were all taken from a moving vehicle). 

2014-04-26-IMG_6344 2014-04-26-IMG_6345

Embassy of Iran


Embassy of Burkina Faso!!!


We also drove though Georgetown. 2014-04-26-IMG_6362 2014-04-26-IMG_6364
2014-04-26-IMG_6364 2014-04-26-IMG_6370
After dinner we went to bed so we could get some rest before our race!  I'll recap that part in another post.  Now, it's time to sit on the couch and recover!