clean up your diet + whole30 day 10

Are you looking to make better choices when it comes to the foods you eat?  Here are some simple steps to clean up your diet.  Cleaning up your diet does not mean going on a "diet" and then switching back to old habits.  Learn how to make good choices within the framework of your healthy eating habits.  Yes, treats are ok every once in awhile...but not that packaged and extremely processed junk!  Take some time to prepare a gluten-free treat that uses maple syrup as the sweetener...if it takes you time to prepare it, maybe you won't eat it all at once (or maybe you will, but I won't judge)!  A week into my Whole30, I have absolutely no desire to eat the cake in the break room at work or snack on the bagels that someone brought.  My body is happy with the nutrition it's getting from all the fruits, veggies, and clean protein sources I've been eating and it does not care to have anything else!

Go forth and experience the diversity of options in the fruit and veggie world.  Eat your colors! Leafy greens (collard greens are my favorite), beets, peppers, blueberries, strawberries, etc. 
clean protein
If you have been eating soy…stop.  Animal protein is the best protein.  If you can afford grass-fed, organic, and pasture raised, do it.  If not, choose lean cuts of meat (the bad stuff that comes from poorly raised animals concentrates in the fat).  Also, eat more eggs.  Preferably organic, pastured eggs, but at the very least, organic.  
Eat whole unprocessed foods
Learn how to shop for them and cook them so they taste good.  The interwebs has so many good sources for recipes that there is no excuse for eating boring, bland food. 
Master steps #1-3 before moving on.  
stop eating sugar
Step 4 is where the break-ups begin.  First stop eating sugar of any kind except for what is in fruits and veggies.  Once you have gotten over that break-up, I'd say that honey (RAW!) and maple syrup are probably appropriate as long as they are only an occasional treat.
Especially processed ones (corn, safflower, canola, soybean, margarine, etc.).  Instead, use coconut oil, ghee, and olive oil for cooking and eat moderate amounts of healthy fats (avocados, wild-caught fish, nuts, grass-fed/pastured meat).  
Make sure #1-5 are solid habits before moving on.  Yes, you can do this all at once, but if this is a huge departure from your normal lifestyle, learning how to live without the foods you rely on and cooking new and delicious foods can be overwhelming.  It's ok to take it slow.  The goal is to create habits that you can sustain for the rest of your life.  
give up wheat and gluten
Be especially careful and read labels…but if you are eating whole foods, there won't be any labels! 
After you've gotten over your breakup with gluten and know how to get your carbs from fruits and veggies, break up with all the other grains in your life too (I know it seems like you are ending a lot of long-term relationships, but you simply weeding out the losers in your life, you are building stronger, more meaningful relationships with quality characters like pastured meats and organic veggies)
no more dairy
Remove all dairy from your diet for awhile and see how that goes (21-30 days).  If you can't live without milk and cheese, choose full-fat (always full-fat!) and raw if you can get it.  If you react to adding dairy back into your diet, cut it out again.  Butter and cream are often exceptions to this rule as they are mostly fat and many people tolerate them well.
stop eating beans
Yes that means peanuts too!  I don't really like beans so not eating them is not hard for me.  It's also not hard for me to not eat peanut butter because I like almond butter so much more.  I doubt that eating hummus every now and again will be detrimental to your overall health, but keep it to a minimum (or make it with zucchini instead…zucchini and tahini…they were meant for each other).  
eat fermented foods
Like sauerkraut, kimchi, etc.  There are even brands of fermented pickles that are quite delicious! By doing this you are supporting the good bacteria in your gut! Be careful not to eat too much in the beginning. You are adding good bacteria to your gut, but too much at once can cause, issues.  
So, day 10...I have zero pictures of my foods (was that a collective sigh of relieve I heard?), so I'll just tell you all about them instead.
Breakfast: Bacon and eggs.  Classic and delicious.
Lunch: Leftover turkey and sweet potato hash.  Also delicious
Post run snack: Smoothie with banana, and orange, homemade almond milk, frozen cherries, and kale.
Dinner: Ate out because of a meeting.  Mexican.  I had fajitas minus the rice, beans, and tortillas.  Solid work.  
And thus concludes day 10.