burkina faso nazinga adventure

We were very fortunate to have a day off and time for an adventure.  We arranged to go to the Nazinga Ranch to see elephants.  It is about a three hour drive, so in order to make sure we got there before it got too hot, we were out the door by 5am.  

We saw tons of wildlife and had a great day being outside in the fresh air (the air in the city is very dusty and polluted).  We rode on the top of a Land Rover while we were in the park and got really close to a herd of elephants.  It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  

Nazinga gate Outside nazinga Nazinga road Tree Grass Birds Pond Pond2 Elephants Elephants2 Antelope Antelope2 Elephant pond Group Elephant pond2 Antelope3