book review: run faster from the 5k to the marathon

Run Faster From the 5k to the Marathon by Brad Hudson (former Olympic trials marathoner and current Olympic athlete coach) is an excellent book for those who know nothing about running, or for those who have been running for a long time.  It is especially great for those of us who love making training plans, but struggle with them because we really don't know all that much about running even though we act like we do.

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He takes an "adaptive" approach to training, which may not actually be any different from what anyone else does, but there are a few features that I believe are not as common to other coaches philosophies. 1. Keep training volume high year-round, even though you lower the intensity at times, that way you don't have to increase volume and intensity at the same time, which elevates injury risk.  2. Short all-out hill sprints thoughout training, he favors these over weight training as they build running-specific muscular strength. 3. Don't follow a set plan all the time, adapt based on your own response to previous workouts. 

What I really liked about this book was all of the recommended workouts along with explanations of where they should fit into your plan as well as what progression they should take.  He throughly explains each element and then gives an example of what it would look like on your training plan.  There are also several different levels of training plans for each of the popular race distances.  Those were very helpful to me in creating my most recent training plan.  

I recommend this book for anyone who is looking to create their own training plan or who is looking for a new approach to training.  I know this book is something that I will come back to again and again as I continue running.