bon voyage

I'm mostly packed and ready to go!  I got to come home from work early tonight so I can get things in order a little better.  I managed to not accomplish what I needed to accomplish on my days off this week, so I was stuck packing in the couple hours I had each day before heading off to work.  Stressful...I know... I'm surprised that most everything I wanted to take fit into my backpack.  I'm a chronic overpacker, so I was worried.  Usually, I bring lots of "just in case" stuff, but I managed to refrain this time.  I just have a few small things to throw in my bag after I get ready in the morning and I'll be all set! I'm going to try and post a few updates along the way, but I'm unsure of the ease of (free or cheap) internet accessibility.  I should be able to post some photos as well since I plan on uploading them to my iPad as needed. Hooray for an adventure!!

Martha Rosenstein, FNP