bodrum and antalya

The bus ride from Selcuk to Bodrum was long, but uneventful.  The road was twisty and turny and narrow (they were doing contstruction), so it was a good thing that it was dark for a majority of the ride.I found a piece of heaven in Bodrum - at the Su Hotel.  It was cute, had an amazing pool in an amazing courtyard which we looked over from our amazing balcony, and they had a masseuse on site with cheap massages!  I could have stayed forever! We went to the castle which is also a museum.  The Underwater Archeology Museum (there's a sign there that clears up the fact that their museum is not underwater, but the stuff in it came from under the water). We attempted to find Halicarnassus (another one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World) but we were unsuccessful.  Turns out that what was labeled on our map was a nightclub with the same name and no distinction from the actual thing.  Upon further research it turned out that we were staying about 3 blocks from where it actually was, but we were too tired and fed up by the time we discovered that. The next day we headed to Antalya.  Another uneventful bus ride.  We stayed at a hotel that used to be a group of Ottoman houses.  They didn't have room numbers, the used names.  We stayed in the Tchaikovsky suite.  We got in relatively late in the evening, so after we checked into our hotel we headed out for dinner.  We ate at a restaurant that had a balcony on a cliff over the beach.  It was very pretty. The next day we went to a museum that was a mock up of a typical Ottoman household, and then took a walk to the beach. After an early dinner, we headed to the bus station for our overnight trip back to Istanbul.

Martha Rosenstein, FNP