belief determines expectation

the-master-has-failed-more-than-the-beginner-has-tried I've been thinking a lot lately about success, creativity, and living the life I want. I've been reading and writing and talking about it trying to get myself out of a little funk I'm having. One of the themes I'm noticing is all the people who are out there doing what they want and even what they love believed that they could do it. They did what they loved, believed there would be a way they could make it work, and didn't really care what other people were doing (i.e. they made sure not to compare themselves to people who were already successful).

If you want to be good at something and eventually make that the thing you do forever, you don't start by focusing on that thing, you need to start inside your brain. Accomplishing the things you want to accomplish is not really about working harder or smarter or doing more work. It's about being positive that you can do it and you will do it. If you expect to fail, you will. If you expect to succeed, you will. Your outside will reflect what you believe on the inside.

Your beliefs determine your expectations and those expectations then determine your actions. A belief is like a habit where your confidence becomes a conviction. You have an idea or desire and you run with it and eventually that idea or desire becomes the thing that drives you and shapes how you see the world. All things will eventually relate back to that idea.

The root of the matter here is that we need to expect to succeed or we never will. This definitely does not mean that we will always succeed. But the difference between someone who expects to succeed and someone who expects to fail is the person who expects that they will succeed will keep trying when they fail.

How are your beliefs shaping your expectations? 

Martha Rosenstein