Autumn Spice Bulletproof Coffee

fat-in-my-coffee It's no secret that I love coffee.  I gave up caffeine in January but I still drink decaf coffee. I could probably live without it, but I like the taste. In order to make my coffee more worthwhile I've been taking the Bulletproof approach and adding coconut oil and/or butter to my morning cup of coffee.

Some argue that Bulletproof coffee is bad for you health because it replaces a nutrient dense meal (breakfast) with something that is void of most nutrients. I am not using it as a breakfast replacement like so many people do, I'm using it to augment my breakfast.

I have found that increasing my fat intake, especially in the morning, has a drastic impact on my hunger throughout the day. I've gone from eating breakfast and 1-2 snacks before lunch, to eating breakfast and then eating lunch...and at no time have I experienced hunger. Keep in mind that this is what works for me and that I have been trying to figure out a way not to be hungry every hour or two for years

When I make my Bulletproof coffee I usually just add coconut oil because that's enough fat and I try and limit my dairy for the most part. However, once a week or so I'll add butter for an extra special treat. I use Kerrygold butter which I get at Costco. It's the salted variety, but I really haven't noticed that my coffee tastes salty. Plus when you are eating real human food you need to be aware of your salt intake, so I just look at it as an added benefit (many people who cut out processed food suffer from electrolyte imbalances because they aren't eating enough salt anymore). 

Here's my current favorite fall coffee recipe: 

[yumprint-recipe id='1'] I often change the flavors I put into my coffee when I get tired of one or feel like mixing it up. Some of my other favorites are cocoa powder (dark and unsweetened), vanilla, cardamom, or ginger. Mix it up and keep your morning routine fresh!


Martha Rosenstein