arctic valley hike

Today, John and I headed up to Arctic Valley for a hike.  The weather was excellent and we couldn't justify sitting inside all afternoon.  My only criteria was that the hike be easy since I'm still recovering from my race on Saturday.  My legs weren't sore but still very tired.  He promised me that the hike up to the Eagle River Overlook would be easy enough.  I told him he would have to carry me if that wasn't true.

We packed some water, snacks, and the dog and headed up the hill.  At the bottom of the road we saw the resident black bear having a snack.  Kiva did not see him...but she was in her kennel, so she is excused.  

Before we headed up the trail, we doused ourselves in bug spray (so many mosquitoes!) and grabbed a long piece of rope for Kiva so we could practice her off leash behavior without actually letting her off leash (as suggested by our obedience instructor).  

The hike to the top was lovely.  Just enough breeze to keep us cool (way too much breeze at the top though) and keep the bugs away, and just enough sunshine to keep us warm! The long line worked really well for Kiva too.  She was able to explore and be (kind of) free, but we were still able to have some control when we came across people and dogs!

Photo Jun 26, 17 05 00
Photo Jun 26, 16 18 13


When we finished our hike, Kiva went for a swim in the pond.  She definitely loves swimming...and it was an excellent way for her to cool off!

Photo Jun 26, 16 35 20
Now we are headed off to a BBQ.  Happy Wednesday!

Martha Rosenstein, FNP