amsterdam, cluj, and the turda gorge

I am working on getting photos uploaded...its taking longer than expected!)

 The next morning we got up, ate breakfast at our hotel, and headed back to the airport. It was much easier getting back. Our flights to Bucharest and then to Cluj were relatively uneventful. However, KLM did feed us three times over the course of a 2.5 hour flight and Tarom Romanian Airlines tried to explode the tires by slamming us into the runway in Cluj.

We took a bus from the airport to near where we thought we could get to our hotel, ended up farther away than we wanted to be, and almost got lost but were saved by some very kind strangers who pointed us back in the right direction. We ate Italian food for dinner (silly, I know) and then headed to bed.

Today we ventured out of Cluj to the Turda Gorge. This involved catching a random bus on a street corner, getting off the random bus, and finding another random bus that may or may not take us within 5ish km of where we wanted to be. Turns out it took us within 4 km of our destination. We walked uphill through the Romanian countryside to the entrance of the Turda Gorge. Our trek through the gorge was quite nice.

We ended up coming back through (only a 3 km hike roundtrip) because we knew we could get a bus back from where we were dropped off. On our way back we stopped and had a snack - the biggest cheeseburger (and least cheeseburger-like cheeseburger) ever!

The trip back to Cluj was slightly less sketchy because we knew exactly where to go and where to get the busses.

Tomorrow we are heading to Brašov for at least a day before we hit Bucharest on our way to Turkey.

Also, they are way into American dance music here. At one point, John said, I am going to be more familiar with American dance music when I get back to the US than I was when I left!

Martha Rosenstein, FNP