alaska cruise, part 3

On Sunday we were in Skagway.  Not the most exciting town in Alaska, nor the town with the best weather.  It was foggy and kind of rainy, but we didn't let that dampen our sense of adventure.  We headed out on the only excursion we had planned for the trip.  We were headed to Haines (about a 40 minute boat ride) to go kayaking.Valerie was the photographer for this adventure, so I will have to get photos from her.  We did see a whole bunch of bears (a mom with two cubs and another mom with three cubs), but those photos are on my other camera...and after running 16 miles three days ago, I'm NOT going back downstairs to get it.  They will have to wait. After kayaking, we ventured into Skagway.  I've actually been there before, so I knew what to expect.  There's not much to the town, and it's all pretty touristy, so we didn't spend much time poking around.  We did stop at the brewery (yes, all good Alaskan towns have their own brewery), where I got John a shirt with their Spruce Tip Ale on it, the tagline is "Keeping scurvy at bay for centuries."  I knew he would appreciate that...and he did.

Martha Rosenstein, FNP