alaska cruise, part 1

My friend Valerie and I set off for Vancouver, BC early in the morning (like 2am early) a week from last Wednesday.  We both worked Monday night and stayed up most of the day Tuesday, so we were very tired by the time we got to Vancouver.  We made our from the airport to the cruise terminal via the subway.  After we ditched our bags, we walked around downtown Vancouver a bit, but we were both so tired all we wanted was a nap.  We decided to get on the ship, have lunch, and take a snooze.After lunch and a nap, we headed up to the deck to watch the scenery go by as we sailed out of Vancouver. The next day we spent at sea, or as much "at sea" as you can be when you're in the Inside Passage.  The weather was beautiful.  On Friday we were in Ketchikan (along with at least three other cruise ships).  It started out a little cloudy, but overall the weather was amazing.  You definitely can't beat a sunny day in Southeast Alaska! We walked from the ship to the famous Creek Street, then we headed towards the Totem Heritage Center and Salmon Hatchery.  After that we went in search of salmon quesadillas, which we did not find.  You would think that would be something one could easily acquire in the Salmon Capital of the World.  Apparently not.  One girl we asked didn't even know what a quesadilla was, she asked if it was "like a taco?" No, not like a taco, like a quesadilla.  We settled for coffee and headed back to have lunch on the ship.  We then sat outside and enjoyed the hot sun and cool breeze, while everyone else complained about how chilly it was (except the ship's staff, they knew they were lucky, they told us the last time they were in Ketchikan they had to wear jackets and hats).

Martha Rosenstein, FNP