africa via instagram

I figured that the easiest way to start sharing my experience would be to share all the photos I posted on Instagram.  If you don't follow me on Instagram, you won't have seen these.  I think this provides a pretty good snapshot (no pun intended!) of daily life and some side adventures.

clinic cleaning lady

burkina faso exam setup

You think the potholes in Alaska are bad...these roads are so much worse!
burkina faso street

The only dog I have ever met who I was not able to make friends with.  Apparently she doesn't like white people or English (although I tried speaking French to her and it did not change anything).

burkina faso benin the dog

burkina faso gate

Daily bottles of Fanta after clinic in the morning.  I'm not a huge soda drinker, but something cold and sugary after working for four hours in 95+ degrees was a life saver.  

burkina faso fanta
burkina faso schiphra maternity

Labor bed, baby warmer, and Pharmacy at the Protestant hospital complex.   

burkina faso labor bed

burkina faso baby warmer

burkina faso schiphra pharmacy

burkina faso full moon

The gardens, kiddos, and post-rain sky at Lombilla school

burkina faso lombilla garden

burkina faso lombilla fete

burkina faso lombilla sky

Our French and Moorè phrases cheat sheets...

burkina faso french cheat sheet 

Our adventure in Nazinga Wildlife Park

burkina faso nazinga entrance

burkina faso nazinga pond

burkina faso nazinga elephants

Our collection of empty water bottles!

burkina faso water bottles

 John counting/dividing up the money we exchanged (somewhere I have a similar photo of him with US dollars)

burkina faso money counting

The info sheets of all the patients we saw (grand total just over 1,000)

burkina faso patient info