2013 disneyland half marathon: week 6

You may or may not have noticed that I skipped week 5.  That is because I don't have much to say about it.  It was a decent week of running, but nothing earth shattering.  The summary is posted on my current training page if you are interested.  



5 mi @ 10:59-11:28

Went fishing instead of running.  I am attempting to redistribute these 5 miles throughout the rest of the week.   

6 mi, 4 @ tempo (9:33-9:39) - 7mi @ 11:06 (12:46, 12:52, 11:35, 9:38, 9:29, 9:59, 11:26) 

I added an extra 2 miles to my warm-up (to make up for not running on Tuesday), and then did my tempo run on the track.  I am tired of doing my tempo run on the bike path because the entire way back is uphill and it's quite discouraging to attempt to run fast-ish, uphill, when you are tired.  I know that is sometimes running reality, but occasionally I like to set myself up for success.  It was so hot on the track that I only completed three tempo miles.  I was so hot and uncomfortable that I almost didn't finish my cool-down either.  It was bad.  

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 4.18.28 PM(According to my Garmin, the track is not flat...hmmm...)

I'm sure that my actions the day before (awake for 21 hours, not enough fluids to drink, whole day outside, poor nutrition, fighting seasickness) were not helpful either.  


5mi @ 10:59-11:28 - 5.5mi @ 10:44 

Easy run on the bike path.  Felt much better than I did on Wednesday, just tired.  

9mi @ 10:59-11:29, last 3 mi @ 10:30-10:45 - 9mi @ 10:44, last 3 mi 10:03, 10:13, 9:53 

I was unsure how this run was going to go.  I'd say it went pretty darn well!  Since I have been slightly faster than my target pace during my easy and long runs, I pushed myself a bit harder for the last 3 miles.  I really was not paying close attention to my pace, and mostly going by feel, but was pleasantly surprised each time I did check in with my watch.  Also, did anyone notice the sub-10:00/mi that I busted out for mile 9?!  I have to give gravity partial credit since most of that mile is a gentle downhill... 

All in all, a solid week (even though I'm missing 3.5 miles from my weekly total)...and I'm really looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.  

Total Miles: 21.5