2013 disneyland half marathon: week 4

6 mi @ 10:50-11:10 - 6mi @ 10:35

This is the first good run I've had in a long time.  I credit the weather...it was cloudy and 55 degrees.  We ran to the Campbell Airstrip Trailhead so Kiva could get a drink of water and cool her feet.  I'm mostly impressed with myself for maintaining this pace while running uphill.  I'm not a good uphill runner, so I feel pretty darn good about this.  I know it was faster than planned, but I was feeling good so I just went with it.  

7-14 elevation vs pace
Photo Jul 14, 14 00 46
(Yes, Kiva is licking the sweat off my arm in this photo...) 

3 mi @ 11:38-12:36 - 3mi @ 11:42 

Ran after work.  Not a fan, but sometimes it has to be done.  My legs were tired and I was not really into it. But it got done.

5 mi w/ 2x1600 @ 8:59-9:05 - 4.9 mi (11:15, 10:58, 9:35, 10:49, 10:30) 

Ran on a hillier course than I usually do for this kind of workout...and almost died.  We also ran into a couple of moose and had to tromp through the woods to avoid them, and I forgot to stop my watch, so it looks like I was way slower than I was while I was actually running.  

5 mi @ 11:38-12:36 - 4.8mi @ 11:40

Ran with my aunt on the trails at Service.  It was a lovely run, except for the excessive humidity and starving mosquitoes.  My legs were very tired by this point in the week and this run felt slightly harder than it should have.  



7 mi @ 10:50-11:10 - 7.5mi @ 10:53

A lovely long run in the rain!  I'm so glad it was raining because it was neither too hot nor too humid...just wet, which is fine with me!  Kiva had fun catching raindrops...but did not have fun getting dried off afterwards.   

Photo Jul 20, 14 42 51
Total Miles: 26.2
Total mosquito bites: