2013 disney princess half: week 9



AM: easy 5 miles
PM: track

I ended up running just over three miles in the morning.  I felt kind of off and figured I'd save myself for my track workout.  Then I ended up not going to track (for many reasons).  Oh well.  Better luck next time.  

3.4 miles/37:32/11:03 avg pace


10 mile, progression 

This run was great...except for the giant blisters that I got on my heels.  They didn't really hurt until I was almost home so I figured I would just keep going.  Then when I looked at them, I wondered how on earth I didn't feel them until the end!  

Photo Jan 11, 19 21 36
Good thing I know how to dress wounds!

9.8 miles/1:53:29/11:33 avg pace

Ladder intervals

I'm not sure what possesed me to plan intervals the day after a long run.  Perhaps it's the fact that I'm trying to cram all kinds of workouts into four days of training per week.  This will be easier as it gets lighter outside because I can run after work if I have to.  But for now...it's creating some crazy ridiculous days of running. 

Also, for some reason I thought I'd like to do some trail running...with giant, painful blisters on my heels, after I ran 10 miles the day before.  Combine intervals with all of the above things and you get a ridiculously difficult workout. 

I modified the intervals a bit in order to accomodate myself, and it worked out ok.  

2 mi easy, 1 min @ 9:10, 2 min @ 8:34, 2 min @ 10:23 (this was when I hit the trail), 3 min @ 9:06, 2 min @ 9:33, 1.5 mi easy

(It was supposed to be 1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 2 min 1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 1 min...but that didn't happen)

Mostly it was the discomfort from my blisters (seriously, they are huge) that held me back.  

Also, this is what happens to your dog when you make her run 15 miles in two days...

Photo Jan 11, 17 17 14I've actually never seen her this tired except for when she went to doggie daycare and ran around with other dogs for 8 hours.  

4.97 miles/58:11/11:43 avg pace

8 miles w/ 2x2 mi @ HMP

This workout got modified too.  I almost didn't run this morning, but then decided to just go and see how I felt.  I was tired.  I ended up doing 1 mi @ HMPish, and then walking the last half mile or so.  

My dog is even more exhaused now...

Photo Jan 11, 14 54 26
It's funny because she is still excited to go running, but then we come home and she sighs really loudly and flops over dramatically like I was trying to kill her and she never wants to go running again...until tomorrow. 

5.5 miles/1:07:40/12:19 avg pace 

Totals for Week 9:
Miles: 23.7
Time: 4:36:54