2013 disney princess half: week 8


hill repeats

First I was definitely going to do this workout, then I was going to switch it with Tuesday's workout (mostly because I didn't want to drive to the place where there are more hills to run up), then once I got out and started running, I remembered that there was a relatively small but long hill ~2.5 miles into the route I was on and decided to just go for it. 

I felt really lousy by the time I got to the hill, so I decided to just cut the number of repeats down from eight to four (I skipped my previous hill workout two weeks ago and also thought it might be dumb to just dive into a super long hill workout).  

Kiva was really confused as to why we kept running in circles, but we managed to get it done.  

4.9 mi/51:50/10:27 avg pace 

10 miles, double

After staying up too late the night before, no amount of running sounded like a good idea.  Eventually it got dark and running sounded even less appealing (sometimes I think about running all day and then finally when it's super inconvenient for me to go, I'm suddenly excited about it).  I ended up doing about 45 minutes of a free yoga video I found online.  I was kind of sore the next day so I'm pretty sure it had some value!



AM: 8 mile progression
PM: 4 mi easy
6 miles, easy 

I have definitely not mastered the art of the double workout.  I think most of the trouble lies in the fact that the sun is currently rising at 10am and setting at 4pm.  I'm definitely not opposed to running in the dark, it's just really hard to get up and get going when you know it's still dark out.

5.25 mi/54:06/10:18 avg pace 

6 miles, easy 
8 miles, long 

Kiva and I managed to get our butts out the door as soon as it got light this morning (the wee early hour of 10am) for our long run.  I'm getting a little tired of running on the ice, mostly the part of my usual route that was snow, then slush, and is now frozen uneven bumpy ice, but you make do with what you have.  We managed to find a bit of trail in the woods that was hard packed and pretty easy going...I definitely see more trail running in our future (I often avoid the trails when it's been warm because they get really soft, but there's been enough traffic on the ones near my house that they are packed and quite nice).

Photo Jan 05, 12 58 36 

We even got to enjoy the dramatic sunrise while we ran (these photos definitely do not do it justice...I wish I had been able to capture it with my good camera instead of just my phone.

Photo Jan 05, 15 00 52

Photo Jan 05, 15 08 32
Totals for Week 8:
Miles: 18.1
Time: 3:15:06
Cross-Train/Strength: 0:45:00 

Martha Rosenstein, FNP