2013 disney princess half: week 4

5 miles, easy 

Despite the fact that it never got above 10 degrees, I still managed to go for a late afternoon run.  I ended up switching my originally planned long run to Monday in hopes that it would be slightly warmer.

It was so cold that my weather app even recommended that my dog wear a jacket!

Photo Dec 02, 9 18 56 

At least it was pretty...

Photo Dec 02, 18 43 38
Photo Dec 02, 18 45 04
Also, running in the cold requires a whole heck of a lot of clothing!

Photo Dec 02, 18 51 13
Thank goodness for wool clothing! Otherwise I would have to do laundry twice as often.  It's amazing that it doesn't get stinky even after running in it several times.

4.5 miles/52:26/11:38 avg pace

9 mile progression 

TOO.  FREAKING.  COLD.  It's ridiculous.  



AM: easy 6 mi
PM: Track workout

Still too freaking cold to run outside.  Well technically it's not but it was too cold in the morning to do an AM workout.  The warmest part of the day is well after noon and that would have put my two workouts too close together.  

The workout we did on the track was kind of a killer.  So much so that I wrote a whole post about it.  

2 miles/0:20:57

10 miles, double 

Again it was cold out.  Like, never getting above zero cold out.  


Totals for Week 4:
Miles: 6.5 miles (even LAMER than last week!!) 
Time: 1:12:43