2013 disney princess half: week 3

Another lame week overall, although it did have some high points. 


7 mile progression (last 10 minutes at moderate pace)

You can read this post about the progression run that wasn't (but it was still a 7 mile run, so, whatever).

Me and my shadow...and my other shadow...

Photo Dec 02, 18 46 41

7 mi/1:19:37/11:18 avg pace

5 miles, easy

4 miles, easy

11 miles, double
track intervals

This workout probably wins best workout of all time.  I joined a running group coached by the same person who coached the swim class I took earlier this fall.  This is the first workout I've made it to with them (I've been working on Thursdays), so Lisa told me I should just do what I could, especially if I hadn't been running much.  

Well, being that I am a sucker for punishment...I did the whole freaking thing.  The workout was 1 x 1600m; 1 x 800m; and 1 x 400m with 400m of recovery between them.  The 1600 was supposed to be run as fast as you possibly could, then the 800 should be less than half the 1600, and the 400 less than half the 800.  

Here's the damage:

1600m - 8:17
800m - 4:00
400m - 1:45

Holy fast feet Batman!  I don't know that I've run a whole mile at that pace since high school (or maybe ever, I'm actually not really sure).   



Totals for Week 3:
Miles: 8.7 (LAME!) 
Time: 1:33:40