2013 disney princess half: week 10

I was pretty excited to see this message from DailyMile in my inbox early this week.  You know...because my goal in this whole adventure is to seek the approval of my online mileage tracking system...

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 8.46.32 PM On to this week...

12 mile progression
7 miles, 4 x1 @ HMP 

I did some rearranging this week because I knew I needed to take a day off from running.  This run didn't actually end up being 7 miles because it started raining and got super slippery and nasty out.  I was bummed because it was shaping up to be an excellent run.  I managed to get 2 tempo miles (not quite HMP but almost) before I had to turn around.

Photo Jan 14, 15 55 20

5 miles/53:37/10:44 avg pace

5 miles, hills
walk + yoga 

Went on a walk and did some yoga.  My body (but not so much my dog) appreciated the day off.  

AM: easy 5 miles
PM: track

Hooray my first double day!  Easy run in the morning...on an ice rink

Photo Jan 15, 14 49 03

(the footprints are mine...thank goodness for spikes!)

3.8 miles/37:21/9:57 avg pace

Then intervals on the track in the evening.  We did 4 x 400m @ HMP (9:00); 4 x 400m @ "tempo" pace (8:45); and 4 x 400m @ 10K pace (8:30).

~3 miles/26:59/9:03 avg pace

10 miles, easy

Long run day...in a snowstorm!  

Photo Jan 16, 18 34 51
It was extra sketchy in places because under the snow is a sheet of ice (see above photo), so we walked when it became obvious that our lives were in danger.  Kiva had fun catching snowflakes the whole way...and a couple times it looked like she was wearing roller skates because she was sliding around.  

snowy dog

I guess she got a good workout because she was passed out and snoring within 20 minutes of getting home. 

9.89 miles/2:03/12:24 avg pace




Totals for Week 10:
Miles: 21.6 (+3 walking)
Time: 4:00:45